Using Skyepack technology to deliver an interactive parasitology e-textbook: Case study from the University of Queensland Library, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Elena Danilova, Manager, Scholarly Publications, Scholarly Communications and Repository Services, University of Queensland Library.

Ms Heather Todd, Director, Learning and Research Services, University of Queensland Library

The University of Queensland (UQ) Library is developing a comprehensive publishing program which will support students, faculty and staff in their publishing aspirations. Fundamentally, this means building a flexible publishing model, which will serve the varying publishing needs across all disciplines, be accommodative to the diverse UQ community and be responsive to strategic goals set by the University.

This paper will discuss how the UQ Library worked with academic staff to produce an interactive textbook that was released in early 2016 using the Skyepack digital publishing technology ( with the University of Queensland Library being its first Australian customer. Skyepack is a relatively new start-up company developed at Purdue University. The Skyepack publishing platform allows combining course content into a comprehensive mobile learning package that provides access to the textbook both in an online and offline environment which makes it available for students to use when they do not have internet access.
The paper will focus on the rationale behind the initiative, the reasoning and advantages by partnering with Skyepack, the level of support provided by both the Library and Skyepack, funding of the project and the challenges and lessons learnt. Some early findings of survey results on user experience (from both students and staff) and how the inbuilt tools in the publishing platform and analytics can be used to refine the service and provide future opportunities for collaboration between the Library, researchers and publishers will also be discussed.