JEP, The Journal of Electronic Publishing is pleased to partner with IFLA’s Section on Acquisition and Collection Development on the publication of the proceedings of the IFLA Satellite Meeting “Libraries and Publishers: Building A Global Community.” A publication of Michigan Publishing, JEP, now in it’s twentieth year, is an important forum for exploring and discussing developments in digital publishing. JEP welcomes conference presenters to submit a version of their presentation for inclusion in the proceedings issue, which we anticipate publishing in early 2017.
Your submission may take the form of:
  • A slide deck with an extended abstract for inclusion in the proceedings issue
  • Your conference remarks in written form
  • A formal article developed from your presentation. You have the option of requesting a second peer review for formal article submissions.
  • A video of the presentation, with an extended abstract to represent the presentation in text. In all cases, the publication will be linked to a video of the presentation, presuming the presenter has given permission for video.
Publication in JEP in no way precludes pursuing other IFLA conference publication opportunities. For example, you are most welcome to submit to the IFLA Institutional Repository. The IFLA Journal could also be a site for a full-length, footnoted scholarly article.  For more information, contact ACD Chair Ann Okerson ( The conference organizers encourage you to pursue the publication opportunities that best meet your needs.