Functioning in the Grey: Kennesaw State University’s Library Journal Publishing Projects

Aajay Murphy, Kennesaw State University

The Digital Commons @ Kennesaw State University operates in the grey areas between publisher and repository, autonomous unit and library resource, facilitator and collector. Utilizing the Digital Commons, a Berkeley Electronic Press platform, Kennesaw State University has had some success with its various journal-publishing projects by encouraging faculty and student involvement. However, publishing existed in relatively uncontrolled and unstable ways prior to 2015. With the development of policies and procedures to streamline journal intake, start up, and execution, great strides have been made to tighten up the vision of the publishing wing without crossing over entirely into the terrain of university press. We are walking that fine line.

The KSU Press, which published monographs by community members and faculty, recently closed its doors and created a void in our university’s publishing output, leaving the Digital Commons as the sole academic publishing arm. Again, we are walking that fine line, existing and functioning and growing in the grey areas.

Our task is to embrace the ambiguous nature of our publishing platform, not as a university press, and not as just a repository. This delicate balance has created opportunities for valuable exploration into what publishing means, what policies are needed, and what the Library’s role is in the creation, publication, dissemination, and preservation of scholarship, research, and creative output.