Approaches to library publishing services in Latin America

Julio Santillán-Aldana

(This presentation will be given virtually)

Libraries of major universities in Latin America are following the footsteps of their counterparts in other regions of the world, and are progressively implementing programs and services for scholarly publishing (LPS). More specifically in Brazil, initial discussions are being held on the subject, exploring specially the role of the librarian in the process of scholarly publishing.

The most developed services offered and operated by university libraries are the management of institutional repositories and portals of scientific journals. In this context, the demand for information professionals with ad hoc capabilities in digital environments is increasing. However, there are cases of libraries offering services for e-books publishing and conference management.

In the case of journal publishing, it is evident the generation of additional services such as hosting, training management system, control metadata, indexing and implementation of digital identifiers, among others. The work experiences of teams working with the journals portal of University of São Paulo (Brazil) and University of Chile (Chile) are testimony to the level of development that the LPS in this region are reaching.

Among the main aspects that characterize these services, we can find that they:

● Are part of institutional programs to promote scientific production;
● Are based on the open access philosophy;
● Seek to broaden the visibility of the scientific production of their institutions;
● Provide support services (technical assistance), training and consultancy (implementation of editorial strategies).

It is has also been possible to identify these services being offered outside the environment of university libraries, linked to instances of institutional research, but always with teams led by professional librarians. This is the case of the services offered at the National University of Cordoba (Argentina) and the University of Costa Rica (Costa Rica).

The LPS are an excellent choice for the development and promotion of scientific communication through digital environments in Latin American universities. In addition, the implementation of these services represents a new opportunity for innovation and professional advancement of librarians in this region.